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ClubWPT Poker is now open in the United States and it is definitely worth checking out.  It is more than just an internet poker website. ClubWPT is a free to play poker website where players will compete with other players online. Not only that, as ClubWPT will also give you access to the WPT (World Poker Tour). You will be able to get special access to WPT interviews and shows. This includes Kimberly, Vince, Mike and the Royal Flush Girls. It will also give you access to the WPT magazine, wallpapers, ringtones, Vegas discounts and more.

GET VIP Access at WPT Club Poker

ClubWPT has two different memberships for you. There is the Basic Membership, which is free & the VIP Membership.

The Basic Membership

It is free and it will allow you to play poker every single day in the freeroll tournaments. It will also enable you to access the WPT. Apart from that, this membership will offer you numerous resources that will allow you to take your game to a higher level. These resources include:

– Free access to an introduction of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker that has educational videos by Amanda Leatherman.

– Straight access to the odds calculator for poker

– Poker Glossary and the ranking of poker hands

– Straight access to In the Money by Antonio Esfandiari over the internet

– Access to strategies for poker by professional poker players

– Access to numerous features and articles

– You will be granted access to a ten Questions segment with professional poker players

The VIP Membership

This membership will cost you 19.95 dollars per month. Although it is not free, it is definitely worth it. It will give you the VIP Gold Chip, which mean you are eligible to take advantage of all of the VIP benefits. These benefits include 100,000 dollars in sweepstakes that happen every month and Digital assets and downloads such as Avatars, Screensavers, Ringtones and more.

GET VIP Access at WPT Club Poker

ClubWPT Tournaments

ClubWPT allows you to enter poker rooms with no risk and no buy-ins which makes it the best place to enjoy your dose of risk-free internet bonus. ClubWPT also offers you the chance to enter Scheduled Multi Table tournaments. You will be able to register in the tournament until it starts. Players will be able to drop out of any event until fifteen minutes before the event starts. Here are some of the terms and the rules of these tournaments:

– Players will be seated randomly and you will not be able to change your seat.

– All of the players at the table will begin with the same amount of chips

– The blinds on the tables will increase according to the tournament structures that are posted on the official website of ClubWPT.

–  The tournament will only end when one player wins all of the chips of the remaining players.

– Players who do not appear in time for the tournaments and have not cancelled their registration are going to be blinded off to the moment they return. Players will be kicked out of the event if they don’t arrive within twelve minutes from the start of the event.

– During the game play of the tournament, players will be able to know when is the next break happening at the lower left area of the table.

– The software of the tournament will try to keep an even number of players on all of the tables. Players will be notified when the tables are being changed.

– When a player moves to another table and he seated between the button and the big blind, he will not enter the game until the button passes him.

This is Not a Gambling Website

It is important to note that this website is not a gambling website. This is because gambling means that you will place your money at risk in order to play a casino game or any other form of games such as blackjack or poker in order to win cash. This is not what ClubWPT is about. The game played on the website does not involve any money as players will play them for free. What players pay for is a membership fee in order to be able to access more features and VIP discounts and offers and access to tournaments. Players who do not want to pay that fee will be able to register with a basic membership which does not cost a dime. Therefore, it is not a gambling website as players will pay a fee and they will play for fun.

As for the sweepstakes, ClubWPT adheres and abides by the sweepstakes rules. It is also offered in places where these sweepstakes are legal. This is why players who live in states or countries where sweepstakes is not legal, they will be excluded and they will not be eligible to join them.

This is why the eligibility of joining the sweepstakes is based on the territory and the state law in which the player resides. So if you live in a state or a country that does not allow sweepstakes, then you will be ineligible to participate in the tournaments but you will still be able to view the episodes of ClubWPT, poker articles, educational videos and more.

The eligible countries include The United Kingdom, Australia, France and Canada. As for the United States, there are thirty-six states, districts and territories where sweepstakes are legal. They include New Jersey, Maine, Iowa, Kansas, Florida and D.C

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